101 Things to Do in 1001 Days

Okay, so thanks to inspiration from willowbatel, She’s Boxing Clever and Nic, I decided to make my own list 🙂 Can’t believe I actually managed to come up with 101 things!

Start date: 2nd June 2010

End date: 27th February 2013


In the process

  1. Graduate with 1st Class Honours.
  2. Really really sing in front of someone.
  3. Do either X or acid or coke or shrooms. Or all the above. Not at the same time. Obviously 🙂 (one-time-only experience).
  4. Stop being lazy and sort out my transfer to Lancaster.
  5. Get with my ex.
  6. Get accepted into graduate school at the University of Texas, Austin or the University of California, Berkeley (or any other similar high-ranked uni) to do my masters in Counselling Psychology.
  7. Do weed by myself with no one to interrupt the thought process (a scary concept).
  8. Make out with a man over 30 years old (got this one from one of the girls’ posts on Essential Sex and I found it interesting. Modified it a bit ’cause there’s no way I’m sexing such an oldie! Must happen when I’m still a teenager though so…tick tock.)
  9. Write a letter to myself to be opened 5 years from now.
  10. Drink at least a glass of water every day for 1 month. (0 / 31)
  11. Visit a gynaecologist and make a standing yearly appointment.
  12. Do a full physical exam.
  13. Get a copy of my grandpa’s autobiography for myself.
  14. Go pick up my stuff from my former uni and get my deposit back.
  15. Lose my virginity.
  16. Go to Genting.
  17. Go to Langkawi.
  18. Go to Bali.
  19. Go to Uganda.
  20. Participate in an international/global Modern United Nations conference.
  21. Learn how to swim breaststroke with my head above the water.
  22. Try a bikini wax.
  23. Pierce the lower ridge of my navel. [2nd June 2010]
  24. Find a long enough (industrial?) navel ring to go through both the upper and lower piercing.
  25. Get the other tattoos that will (probably) complete my life’s collection. (0 / 7)
  26. Make out at my secret spot on the roof of the school.
  27. Get  my visitor’s visa for the U.K.
  28. Attend every single one of my classes for at least 2 weeks.
  29. Admit to Z that I might maybe like him. If it ever comes up again, that is.
  30. Get shorts. And wear them.
  31. Go lingerie shopping.
  32. Sleep somewhere different 7 nights in a row.
  33. Drink only water for at least 1 week.
  34. Floss every night for a  month.
  35. Make eye contact and smile at each person I encounter for a day instead of looking away (creepy, yes, but I’m sure it’ll do wonders for my (nearly zero) self-confidence).
  36. Go skinny dipping.
  37. Go vegetarian for 2 weeks.
  38. Take a photo with each member of my family (nuclear and extended), just me + them.
  39. Participate in Project 365. (0 / 365)
  40. Learn how to and start meditating. Every day.
  41. Join a yoga class.
  42. Do an hour of yoga a day for a month.
  43. Have somebody else suggest something that I MUST do. Do it. (suggestions are welcomed 🙂 )
  44. Read at least one different novel every month for a year (I’m already an avid reader, but things can get thick during extremely busy times). (5 / 12)
  45. Buy every Paulo Coelho book out. (0 / 27?)
  46. Kiss in the rain.
  47. Get and solve a rubik’s cube.
  48. Vote in the next elections.
  49. Get an I.D.
  50. Get my driving license.
  51. Watch every movie on this Top 100 list. (16 / 100)
  52. Take a vow of silence for a day.
  53. Get a bikini.
  54. Practice creative writing by writing a short fictional piece every month for a year (it might help to use this prompting list). (0 / 12)
  55. When I’m feeling particularly brave during the time that i curse the gods for making me female, try use the Diva Cup.
  56. Investigate becoming a bone marrow donor.
  57. Learn to write legibly fluidly with my left hand (it’s already pretty legible).
  58. Read the entire Bible.
  59. Kiss on New Years.
  60. Have my own personal Opposite Day (although recruits are welcomed!!)
  61. Get a pair of really high heels and learn to walk in them for a long time.
  62. Get a freakum dress.
  63. Wear the heels and the dress and kill everyone who sees me 😉
  64. Dress up for Halloween.
  65. Go bra-less for a day. In normal clothes. In public.
  66. Become a peer counsellor.
  67. Say out loud the curse words running in my head for a day.
  68. Kiss Shy Y 🙂
  69. Go to Singapore.
  70. Go on a road-trip.
  71. Learn how to apply eye-pencil.
  72. Bake a cake all by my lonesome.
  73. Call my grandparents on their anniversary each year. (0 / 3)
  74. Say ‘yes’ to 10 things I’d usually say ‘no’ to. (0 / 10)
  75. Sing everything I need to say for a day.
  76. Reply to all personal communications within 3 days.
  77. Brush my teeth at least twice a day, instead of just once always; twice sometimes.
  78. Learn esperanto.
  79. Be vegan for a week.
  80. Make a budget and stick to it for at least 2 weeks.
  81. Read all the books on this, this and this ‘Top Banned Books’ lists (some are repeated). (10 / 38)
  82. Slap someone 🙂
  83. Write a bucket list.
  84. Pick 5 people who have changed my life (for the better or for the worse) and write them a letter (sending is optional). (1 / 5)
  85. Start a collection of these books you can’t live without (actually own them, as opposed to just reading them like some of the others already on the list). (5 / 100)
  86. Wash and treat my hair every 2 weeks for at least 3 months. (0 / 6)
  87. Try the egg + avocado + olive oil + whatever-other-natural-food-thing-that-seems-like-a-good-candidate thing on my hair.
  88. Check up on my ex at least every 2 weeks for 2 months. (0 / 4)
  89. Try tampons (sorry boys!).
  90. Try sushi.
  91. Order a pizza. Make an inappropriate dick-in-the-box joke.
  92. Stick to a normal human sleeping schedule for at least a week (weekend not inclusive).
  93. Call my mum on her birthday every year using my own credit. (0 / 3)
  94. Call my big sis on her birthday every year using my own credit. (0 / 3)
  95. Call my baby sis on her birthday every year using my own credit. (0 / 3)
  96. Talk to my brother at least every 3 weeks for 3 months. (0 / 4)
  97. Talk to W at least once a week for 2 months. (1 / 8 )
  98. Eat a Wendy’s burger.
  99. Get Skins season 1 and 2 on DVD.
  100. Go crazy on day 1001 😉
  101. Create another 101/1001 list for when this one’s time is up. Include anything from this list that I haven’t managed to do by then.

§ 22 Responses to 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days

  • decidida74 says:

    Good luck with your bucket list!

  • willowbatel says:

    Omg you are a super freak hahaha (that wasn’t meant in a bad way). Just make sure you aren’t doing those drugs while you’re with an older person. You want to have your wits about you.
    That was an interesting and quick read. I was surprised to find I was suddenly in the 80s. Should be very fun hearing how all of these work out.

    • nobodyouknow says:

      Hahaha, according to me, the word ‘freak’ can never be used in a bad way 🙂 Don’t worry, I wasn’t blessed with stupidity like so many people my age, I’m going to do the drugs responsibly (lol, sounds like such an oxymoron!)… I’m going to do them purely to explore my mind, not to go on some drug-fuelled frenzy. And I’ll be sure to do them in a controlled environment. Thanks mom… Lol! 😀

      Quick read? Certainly wasn’t a quick write. Thought I’d never finish!

      • willowbatel says:

        You’re welcome dear! Don’t forget your bag-lunch! *sigh* They grow up so fast.
        I know! These lists take forever. I think it took me about two hours to write mine. I couldn’t think of hardly anything I wanted to do, haha.

        • nobodyouknow says:

          Hahaha, I should have put finishing the list as one of the items so that I can feel more accomplished 😀 Have you been crossing off the stuff you’ve done? Hmmm? [insert another old lady lecture here, complete with finger-wagging]

          • willowbatel says:

            I’ve crossed off a few things. Not that many really. Maybe a dozen. A lot of the things I want to do require my mothers permission though, which is really kind of annoying because I would like to be able to just get to work in my yard and set it up how I like.

            • nobodyouknow says:

              Is your mother uncooperative? The pictures of your yard look pretty (though I know exactly nothing about plants), so shouldn’t she be more than willing to let you work your magic on the yard? 🙂

              • willowbatel says:

                She pays the bills, so she gets to be the dictator. It’s VERY annoying. If it were up to me, we’d have no dirt visible and there wouldn’t be a lawn. But whatever…
                And thank you.

  • iquitelikethat says:

    loving the list, I’m so creating my own.
    and thanks for sharing the banned books lists, I’m definitely going to read all of them 🙂 guess their banning plan backfired since people are reading them because they’re banned!
    but on a serious note, I can’t stand when books etc. are banned, what happened to freedom of speech! We’re not in China where things are censored (although that’s completely wrong too).

    good luck with the list.

    • nobodyouknow says:

      I know, right? Just makes the books that much more attractive! Borrowed 2 of them from the library today, can’t wait to get started 😀

      Freedom of speech is absolutely necessary! It gets to me so much too 😦

  • Mindless Rambler says:

    Good Luck!

  • Cissy says:

    wow…thats a shizz load of stuff to do…but I’ve managed to do most of the little ones in the last two years randomly so it propbably wont be as hard as it looks at first =]

    why’s no. 23 in red though?

    • nobodyouknow says:

      I know, right? Turns out 101 things are kinda many 😮 So far it’s not TOO hard, but I know I’m really going to have to fight with myself to do some of it.

      It’s in red ’cause I did it 🙂 🙂

      • Cissy says:

        Are you even slightly impulsive? Cause that helps alot!! And doing it on your own too, then no one can talk you out of it 😉

        I know most of the stuff on your list is personal, but I’ve done 38 of them already =]

        Ahhh so the red ones are done…. I’ll be monitoring this list so 😉

        • nobodyouknow says:

          38 huh?? I can make my guesses 🙂 But I’m sure I’m wrong on some of them

          Yup, I’m completely impulsive. I think that’s why writing this list was so hard – I hate planning ahead. But I wrote the things that would probably happen with or without the list. Some of the stuff though – like going vegan and drinking water – I’d never ever do. So the list should make my life ‘better’ I guess 🙂

          • Cissy says:

            oooo guesses huh? 😉

            vegan I could never do, but the drinking water part is easy enough in hot weather if you surround yourself with it =]

  • You finished it! I’m so happy to have a part in inspiring you!
    Your list is very interesting, there’s some really great goals on there, fun ones, obscure ones, deep motivational ones…it’s like you’re on the cusp of a revolution. Good for you! I look forward to reading your successes!

    • nobodyouknow says:

      You had a HUGE role in inspiring me – both your list, and your blog itself 🙂

      What kind words about my list, oh my 🙂 I’d expected ‘crazy’ and such-like words

  • uaz truly says:

    Jus chkd out ua list,m quite the procastinator maybe i’ll do a list of 10.m 19*sayn my age out loud mks mi fil old_ish* lyke ua blog

  • eejbus, the veganism’s going to be hard. imma sign up so i can see your progress (creepy, no?) Good luck! 😉

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