Skins – A Short Intro

June 22, 2010 § 5 Comments

And so once again, I over-estimated the amount of free time I have. Just like with my attempt to take the challenge to write 250 words a day, my short-lived joining of NaBloPoMo, I bit off more than I could chew thinking I could possibly write just one long post and that would be it. Truth is, even though I swear I spend most of my time procrastinating and/or sleeping, I just DON’T have time. I think uni has officially already been given the title as the busiest period of my life…so far 🙂 Anyway, I decided to break up the one long post into several shorter posts. Makes more sense.

Oh lord, I don’t even know where to start. I’m obsessed with Skins. OBSESSED. I found it on one night when I couldn’t sleep. I think I was 16 then, or just about to turn 16 anyway. It was the 2nd episode. I’ve watched it a countless number of times since then. It’s so beautiful and honest and raw. And grey. Because nothing is black and white. You simultaneously love and hate everyone. It’s magic.

Okay, basics – Skins is a British drama that follows the lives of form 5 and 6 students. Originally created by Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain – father and son. It’s been really popular because everyone who works on it is really young – the writers, the cast, the producers, the directors, everyone – and because it’s so REAL and gritty. So far, there’ve been 2 Skins generations, and apparently there’ll be one more. Each generation gets 2 seasons. Season 3 and 4 were interesting and shocking sometimes, and by all means watch them, but I think any true Skins fan will agree that season 1 and 2 were simply insanely beautiful. So I’m going to focus on the first generation.

Okay, quick confession – that’s an assumption. I’ve watched season 1 to 3, but I haven’t watched 4. I hear it’s the highest rated so  far though, so maybe not ALL Skins fans agree that the first generation was the best 😛

They are also planning on taking Skins (or have they already..?) to the American screens. It’s supposed to be set in Baltimore. Seeing as practically every attempt at Americanizing Brit stuff ends with its senseless massacre, Mr. MTV, please spare us just this once? I don’t think I believe your promise to make it not suck.


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§ 5 Responses to Skins – A Short Intro

  • Mindless Rambler says:

    As an avid Skins fan from the first episode I have to say the first two seasons were the best by far, best characters and best stories.

    Three and 4 were good, the last two episodes of 4 were excellent but still for me you cannot beat the first cast of the show and their storylines.

    • nobodyouknow says:

      I seriously need to get to watching season 4, I feel like I’m missing out! But yeah, I think season 1 and 2 actually changed me. It’s hard for a tv show to do that, so I guess that’s why I’m so in love with it 🙂 The storylines were so…wow.

  • Cissy says:

    The best part of Skins 3/4 had to be the Cookie Monster…he was incredible!!

    I thought the characters of seasosn 3/4 were good…but a bit too watered down. They weren’t as believable. Being from the same side of the world [but not quite the same country] as Bristol/where it was all filmed, I can safely say seasons 1/2 portrays life as teen over here.

    There was waaaay too much sex and drugs in seasons 3/4, waaay too many outlandish happenings. The characters were ‘bleh’ [possibly the best word to describe them!!], there was little or no humor, their actions were unrealistic… and I’m not even gogin to start into the repeditive story lines….mainly because it pisses me off and you haven’t seen series 4 yet =P

    in short
    ❤ Cassie
    ❤ Sid
    ❤ Cookie
    … and I preferred it when Effy didn't talk…

    • nobodyouknow says:

      I love Cook also, especially when he laughs ❤ 😀

      Wow, is life seriously like that over there?? Okay, I guess it's not too surprising cuz I guess teens everywhere are all sorta similar but still…wow

      Cassie was definitely my favourite 🙂 Loved Chris, Sid and Effy too 🙂

      • Cissy says:

        Yeah life is like that over here for most tens for about…4 years of their lives!!

        Drugs, sex and over-emotional bullsh*t are part of every day life.

        It’s an excellent show in a whole, but what always bugged me and my friends was: do their parents never wonder where the hell they are at 4 in the morning?!

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